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Радио Фокус

Bee pollen is the male seed the size of dust is the pestle of each flower.Pollen is composed of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, fatty acids and other substances.Pollen is usually used with a combination of honey, but alone he and other bee products.In terms of nutritional and medicinal properties, pollen activates brain function and improves the power of concentration.

Pollen increases appetite and working ability, showing excellent results in treating chronic intestinal diseases.Favorably influence the treatment of anemia.

Sticky pollen for bees while collecting nectar, it brings up beehives and stored in the hive.Pollen is collected by placing a special device at the entrance of the hive for bees that brush substances from their rear legs in a special container for collection.And to 4,000,000 pollen grains are collected in one flight.Pollen is found around the nest serves as food for the queen.

The price of this product is 1000 MKD for 1 kg.